Photographing Iceland - Part 2

Now that a month has passed, I find myself really missing the time I spent in Iceland. My passion for photography was fueled by the never ending landscape and the thought that I could be the one to share something that many people have never seen. I love my current job, but it has me shooting the same people and objects in different settings every day. Iceland was nothing like that. 

I was a complete amateur in Iceland, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would run into other photographers and look at their gear; I felt so unprepared! Some days, I miss that. 

I often refrain from shooting or I overwork simple images while on the job. I fight to turn something I've seen 100,000 times into something new. While in the process, I ruin the simple task I was working on. Sometimes I get so damn picky I sort things down until I have almost nothing to turn in.  Been there, done that, I've already shot it.

This wasn't the case in Iceland. I shot like crazy, everything in front of my lens looked like a shot to me. 

I can't wait to go back!