Photographing Iceland - Part 1

I want to say my life has changed but that just sounds so dramatic. My life has changed. This other worldly planet that is Iceland is like no place I've been or seen. It's like earth's science experiment. The whole time, all I could think about is the people of this beautiful country. How do their surroundings affect their psyches? I grew up with street lights, sidewalks, sirens. Can you imagine a volcano, waterfall, and horses all in a 3 mi radius from your home? 

Photographing during the winter in Iceland was actually a little more difficult than I imagined, I had plenty of warm gear but maybe a little to much on the gloves. They were so bulky I found myself often taking them off exposing them to the elements which resulted in a lot of pain at times. On two occasions while shooting waterfalls I experienced mist from the waterfall that turned to ice on the camera lens! I would say I defiantly missed a few shots based on the fact that I couldn't face the elements. We found ourselves a few times facing some pretty wild weather, at one point Kat found herself needing to sit because the wind was so strong! In another instance my drone bag blew off a small clif into a creek that i had to dive in and chase.

This was just trip number one to Iceland, just to get the lay of the land. I'll be back one day!