Abandoned Amusement

My closest friends know how much I love photographing abandoned buildings and homes. The contrast of knowing how something should look vs it’s current state has always been very intriguing to me. When a business shuts it’s doors for good, it doesn’t take long for the kids to get in and turn the thing to hell! I’m glad they do, think about it, if the place were all shiny and in working order who would be interested in the photos? Indoor water park images rank pretty low on my photographic desire list. However “fucked up, abandoned water park” sounds like something i’d like to look at!

Photographing abandoned buildings gives a very unique sensation. Being all alone (you hope and like to think) in a large space gives you endless opportunities as a photographer. Their is also the small rush of being caught for breaking an entry. It keeps you moving fast to get in and out however it’s hard to leave something so interesting.

I often find beauty and interest where others do not. This makes me an artist or someone with poor taste, i’ll let you be the judge.