IndyCar - Mid-Ohio

Mid-Ohio is one of the most scenic and anticipated races on the IndyCar schedule. It’s a photographers dream, someone with some real talent could do some damage here behind a lens. A place like this makes a hack like me look like I’m a pro!

With that said, not all that glitters is gold. The community that hosts the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is less than exciting. Evenings are spent eating cheap pizza, drinking Corona and watching NBA Hardwood Classics in the hotel room. Not that bad really but still a huge change from the night life of Toronto a few weeks ago.

I tried to focus on fast cars fans and my friends, take a look and let me know what you think!

IndyCar Racing at Iowa Speedway.

After missing our original start time of 6:20pm due to weather, this year’s Indycar race at IOWA started and restarted until it’s finish around the 1:30 AM hour. It was a tough week with practice and qualifying temperatures around 100 degrees. After a few hours of editing, packing and sending off photos we finally boarded our company plane and landed home around 9:00am. What a day, could you? Would you?

Here are some of my favorites this weekend!

Bonnaroo 2019

The word fun is an understatement. Fun is what you say after you leave the driving range, a banquet or catching up with old friends. This shit right here was 15 hr party days with a strong emphasis on survival of the fittest. Not everyone did live that weekend, you can read the stories yourself. As rag tag a group I went with, I was surprised how well everyone held up. Everyone knows I know my way around a concert stage and the bar, I’ve still been known to overdo it a time or 70.

 It’s hard to imagine that anyone would allow such a large concentration of freaks, geeks, legends, rockers, ravers and wannabes all in one place at one time. Our friends in the small town of Manchester, Tennessee have done just that. Sounds like a real fucking mess and in a lot of ways it is. A mess that I want to be a part of. I decided to contribute in the only way I know I how, to create images and tell the story about just what is happening every year on this farm in Tennessee.

Don’t get me wrong though, the farm is full of great people having a great time and getting away from everyday life. It’s all about celebrating positive vibes, art, music, love, people and letting your freak flag fly! We did all of that and then some!

I remember hearing of Bonnaroo back in 2006 or 2007, I was in high school. Being from a small town, never traveling anywhere and not knowing what the future held for me made it unsure if i’d ever get the opportunity. It was a small dream come true to finally have the opportunity to go.

Here’s my visual story from an extended weekend on the farm. Thanks to the Joe, John, Gerard, Kyle for taking me in under their wing and putting up with my relentless personality and a plethora of other freak outs, bullshit, fits and just general costs of doing business with me.

This gallery is a long one but it’s what such a wonderful event deserves.

 Ladies and gentlemen…. Bonnaroo.  



St. Petersburg Grand Prix

Indycar season is here! It feels like it just finished. Did i just finish? I guess time is all about perception really. The start of every season holds lots of excitement. How will I evolve as a photographer? Will my photos continue to be relevant? What driver will lead the season? What new places, people and experiences will I encounter?

Time will tell and all will be reviled. Here are some of my favorite photos from race weekend.

Abandoned Detroit Schools

There’s something about exploring places that others have left behind that I really enjoy. They may be left and forgotten but I still have a purpose for them. I shot these photos in Detroit, Michigan last year. There are hundreds of places like this around Detroit, they’re all an adventure. I get a huge rush from the anticipation of what I might find. . Do you find photos of destroyed things entertaining?

Abandoned Amusement

My closest friends know how much I love photographing abandoned buildings and homes. The contrast of knowing how something should look vs it’s current state has always been very intriguing to me. When a business shuts it’s doors for good, it doesn’t take long for the kids to get in and turn the thing to hell! I’m glad they do, think about it, if the place were all shiny and in working order who would be interested in the photos? Indoor water park images rank pretty low on my photographic desire list. However “fucked up, abandoned water park” sounds like something i’d like to look at!

Photographing abandoned buildings gives a very unique sensation. Being all alone (you hope and like to think) in a large space gives you endless opportunities as a photographer. Their is also the small rush of being caught for breaking an entry. It keeps you moving fast to get in and out however it’s hard to leave something so interesting.

I often find beauty and interest where others do not. This makes me an artist or someone with poor taste, i’ll let you be the judge.

Home for the Holidays

I don’t make it back to Bluffton, IN much these days. My mother and sister moved there in 1996 after my parents split. I live roughly 2 hrs from there (for now). Traveling all summer for work makes me want to stay put here in Indy when i’m not traveling. No longer residing there for almost 12 years has since given me a new view on the town. Not much has changed and it’s interesting to see the old places and things I once put so much time and interest into. Everything now seems so empty. Has it changed or have I ? Both ? Somewhere in their I can see past memories and energy that remains.

Best of 2018 - Racing

I shoot racing every week most of the year. It’s hard to believe that after all that time, travels and file downloads that these photos are some of my favorites. I mean, i’m proud of most of them. I have to be, right? I think so.

Anyway, here they are! Enjoy and let me know what ones are your favorites!

Happy New Year!

Chris Owens

Best of 2018 - Snapshots (In-Between Moments) - Part 2

For my second installment of “Best of the year” I’ve chosen to display snapshots. Think of this gallery as the land of misfit photos. These are the photos that matter the most to me. As interesting as images are of far away places, cultures and styles of life, the memories that will forever be the most vivid in my mind are of family and friends.

I’ve always taken pride in shooting the in-between moments. You know the times when nothing is really happening, the times when no one thinks to shoot. Check out some of my favorite images of people in my life (past and present) wasting time, fuckin off and getting by.

Best of 2018 - Part 1

Dear 2018,

I must thank you for giving me the privilege to be here in your age in life. You gave me a roller-coaster of highs and lows during your 12 month stretch. I was awarded my first gray hairs and new levels of responsibility. You gave me more knowledge and at times less understanding. All of that aside you taught me more than any year of my life. I worked hard, loved deep and played the hardest. I put the focus on myself during your year. I started to learn what I do and don’t want out of life. Problems were solved during our time together.

A very intellectual friend brought it to my attention last winter that 2018 would be my last year of my 20’s. I don’t know why this stunned me the way it did but I lived the year through that lens. I got on the gas searching for things I wanted to do, searching for the way I wanted to feel. Really just searching for myself I guess. It was a great exercise and i’m getting closer. We’re all getting closer.

Let this gallery be a toast to learning, growth and development. Courage, desire and curiosity to pick up our cameras and explore the world. I visited more places and went to more concerts than I can count or recall this past year. Out of all of the days, here is what surfaces as some of my favorite images of 2018.

Also be sure to check out my personalized playlist of songs to match this year and gallery.

Joshua Tree & Mojave Desert

I can’t say anything really compares to the desert. The grand size and lack of resources really is intimidating and can be overwhelming at times. The sound of insects buzzing is as loud as the white noise from a freeway. The understanding that you’re in the middle of nowhere and completely unsupervised (lawless) is a large responsibility. The extreme heat also gets to people, makes them do things one might think twice about on a day 30 degrees cooler.

Small towns and cheap thrills. A cooler of Corona and a bag of cameras. Here are my photographs from the desert and scarce towns in between Joushua Tree and the Mojave Desert.

Austin City Limits Festival - 2018

Austin City Limits was the exact experience my mind and soul needed. Music has been the driving force behind my emotions, photography, style, attitude and life since day one. There is just something so raw, vonrable and real about telling your story with strange noises and voice. The amount of confidence to stand in front of people and display something you created from thin air has always been so captivating to me. The truth is, music is powerful and drives a whole culture of people of any age.

A couple adventurous friends and my self spent 5 days in Austin. We visited dive bars, restaurants and even a freak show. We were trying to seek the oddities Austin had to offer. Most of our search and desire was for MUSIC! I got antiquated to some really neat people in Austin (some a little closer than others) needless to say, below are some of their photos plus the spectacle that Austin City Limits Festival was!

San Francisco

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a motorsports photographer is traveling America. I love documenting how everyday people live… On the street everyone’s a star! Chance moments and scenarios that have no meaning or matter and will never be seen again. Are those boys here everyday? Was it her first time having coffee in that shop? Will they park their bike in that alley again?

I’ll be out on the street again and again, waiting for what happens next.

Portland - IndyCar

Last weeks IndyCar race in Portland, Oregon was my first time traveling to the city. Portland international Raceway at first was a great challenge with it's flat and featureless layout, I was figuring it out and finding shots I liked in no time! Check out Marco Andretti's wicked crash and more in my images below!  

The Mid-Season, Mid-West Grind

The last month has been a blur, little free time and lots of photos to sort. I've been to Toronto, Wisconson, Iowa, back to Toronto, Ohio, Kentucky (Concert), home and back to Ohio! All in the last four weeks. Here are a few of my favorites from the last four Indycar races.

1. Road America

2. Iowa

3. Streets of Toronto

4. Mid-Ohio


It's A Dry Heat...... IndyCar Racing in Texas

The IndyCar race in Texas sure was a warm one, but thankfully, the race itself is at night once the sun has gone down. Shooting a night race can be difficult due to the higher shutter speeds needed to clearly capture a high speed car in an image. Higher shutter speeds mean less time for light to enter the camera, and at night, this is even less ideal. You'll find most of my favorite photos from this race are during the day time practices and early evening. From a creative standpoint, it was nice to have some shooting using that "golden hour" lighting. By 8:00 PM, I'm normally leaving a track for the day, not shooting the green flag!