After the Indianapolis 500 with Will Power

Winning the Indianapolis 500 is more than just fighting through a 3 hour race. It's slogging through a thousand interviews and photo shoots in Indy, all the way to the big stage in New York City. Having covered the Indy 500 media tour for a number of years, I can say Will Power held up better than most drivers do the day after winning. 

Even now, it hasn't seemed to have sunk in for Will. "I still can't believe I won the 500," he kept repeating on our visits. Growing up, Will's father was a huge F1 fan. They would watch F1 races together, and his father would tell him stories about the Indy 500 and how only the bravest F1 drivers would travel to Indy and run there. "I never thought I'd race there, let alone win." Will also talked about how he overheard a drunk fan yelling at him, "Will Power, you suck!" After his big win, Will was very proud to reply with, "Obviously not."

The 500 is always a long, but rewarding experience. I think Will Power is a deserving winner who fully understands the significance of, and will cherish, his victory.

I'll leave you with Will's words after crossing the finish line and taking the checkered flag at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: "YES, YES, SHOW ME RESPECT MOTHERFUCKER!"