Best of 2018 - Part 1

Dear 2018,

I must thank you for giving me the privilege to be here in your age in life. You gave me a roller-coaster of highs and lows during your 12 month stretch. I was awarded my first gray hairs and new levels of responsibility. You gave me more knowledge and at times less understanding. All of that aside you taught me more than any year of my life. I worked hard, loved deep and played the hardest. I put the focus on myself during your year. I started to learn what I do and don’t want out of life. Problems were solved during our time together.

A very intellectual friend brought it to my attention last winter that 2018 would be my last year of my 20’s. I don’t know why this stunned me the way it did but I lived the year through that lens. I got on the gas searching for things I wanted to do, searching for the way I wanted to feel. Really just searching for myself I guess. It was a great exercise and i’m getting closer. We’re all getting closer.

Let this gallery be a toast to learning, growth and development. Courage, desire and curiosity to pick up our cameras and explore the world. I visited more places and went to more concerts than I can count or recall this past year. Out of all of the days, here is what surfaces as some of my favorite images of 2018.

Also be sure to check out my personalized playlist of songs to match this year and gallery.