Austin City Limits Festival - 2018

Austin City Limits was the exact experience my mind and soul needed. Music has been the driving force behind my emotions, photography, style, attitude and life since day one. There is just something so raw, vonrable and real about telling your story with strange noises and voice. The amount of confidence to stand in front of people and display something you created from thin air has always been so captivating to me. The truth is, music is powerful and drives a whole culture of people of any age.

A couple adventurous friends and my self spent 5 days in Austin. We visited dive bars, restaurants and even a freak show. We were trying to seek the oddities Austin had to offer. Most of our search and desire was for MUSIC! I got antiquated to some really neat people in Austin (some a little closer than others) needless to say, below are some of their photos plus the spectacle that Austin City Limits Festival was!